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Network device testing

Given the dependence on network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to maintain security, clients commonly request that these solutions are subject to further review, over and above that offered by an infrastructure penetration test.Network Device TestingWith direct access to these systems, our consultants can conduct a comprehensive review evaluating all aspects of the configuration that can impact security; how the firewall has been set up, the software versions in use and the modules that have been added. For firewalls and similar devices, the exercise can be extended to cover a review of the rule base.

For solutions that provide alerting, blocking or filtering (IDS, IPS, application firewalls, etc.), Portcullis can conduct controlled testing to evaluate the effectiveness of these systems. The type of testing covers the fundamental abilities of the system, the configuration that has been applied and how security staff interpret and respond to alerts. Whilst designed for live networks, this type of testing is equally applicable to systems under evaluation.

Benefits of network device testing

  • A Network device testing will give IT management a clear understanding as to whether the current design, architecture and network performance is meeting business requirements and needs.
  • Network device testing will provide sound recommendations on how to overcome network issues and present a clear plan for moving forward.
  • Ensures device configurations conform to industry best practices.
  • Provides assurances that critical access control mechanisms are in place, aligned with prevailing good practice, and operating as intended.
  • Provides a measure of assurance that those systems and applications that are reliant upon the devices are secured in accordance with their expectation.
  • Above all, your company will benefit from having a recorded, in-depth analysis of the existing network infrastructure for future reference.