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Mobile device testing service

mobile devicesThere is no escaping the plethora of mobile devices in the work environment, phones and tablets from RIM (BlackBerry), Apple, Google, Microsoft and others. Portcullis offers a range of different tests to provide the organisations with the confidence to rollout such devices.Reviews include replicating a stolen device scenario, evaluating the configuration of the lock down and extensive testing of the backend infrastructure. Testing can cover both the native OS and any applied Mobile Device Management (MDM) software from providers such as Good Technologies.

With security teams rightly concerned about a shift to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, we can work with organisations to develop strategies, legal frameworks and software solutions to provide the requisite level of control.

For organisations developing or evaluating mobile applications, Portcullis can conduct comprehensive security testing that covers both client and server side technologies.

Benefits of mobile device testing

  • Identify and prove critical data breach exposures created by mobile devices in your environment.
  • Evaluate the security of new mobile technologies prior to deployment.
  • Get actionable data required to mitigate financial, operational & reputational risks.
  • Assess end-user security awareness of social engineering techniques.
  • Protect end users from defamation, fraud and blackmail.