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Firewall test

Firewall Test
The Firewall Assessment covers a comprehensive review of all aspects of a firewall configuration, not just the Firewall rules.

A firewall is a keystone part of the network defence; it is critical to ensure that they are securely configured and that the rule-base is free of infinite loops or duplicate/unused entries.

The Firewall Assessment, (depending on the device functionality), will include an examination of:

  • Firewall rules
  • Firewall build

The elements of the rules review include:

  • Insecure rules with any to any instances
  • Overly permissive rules that enable too great a degree of access between hosts via various protocols
  • Insecure configuration of VPN’s, radius or other key services
  • Insecure device configurations
  • Insecure admin access configurations
  • Inadequate or no logging
  • Insecure encryption methods
  • Duplicate or unused rules