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Cyber Essentials

Portcullis is able to offer testing and consultancy for the new Cyber Essentials scheme.
Portcullis is pleased to be one of the founding test-houses for the new Cyber Essentials scheme. Championed by CESG, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, CPNI and with the certification Cyber Essentials Logoprocess managed by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST), this standard is designed to provide a method of assessing the level of cyber security provisions in small and medium sized organisations.

Designed for those relatively new to information security, achieving certification does not guarantee that a business is secure, but instead shows that thought has been applied to security concerns, particularly with respect to Internet based threats. Successful organisations will receive a certificate that they can share with their customers to demonstrate that they are a safer organisation to do business with. With the government keen to secure their supply chain and to use more SMEs, holding this certification could be a key differentiator for would-be suppliers.

Portcullis can deliver the basic certification testing and also information security consultancy. The certification testing itself is streamlined to reduce cost and as a result the feedback is little more than a pass / fail status against a number of controls. From a consultative perspective, we can help organisations prepare for testing, better understand any issues identified, work together to remediate any points of failure and to consider a wider range of security topic than just those evaluated by the cyber essentials standard.

You can find more information on the use of Cyber Essentials branding and logo HERE 

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