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Vulnerability title: Privilege Escalation Via Symlink Attacks On POSIX Shared Memory With Insecure Permissions In AMD fglrx-driver

CVE: CVE-2015-7723
Vendor: AMD
Product: fglrx-driver
Affected version: 14.4.2
Fixed version: 15.7
Reported by: Tim Brown


It has been identified that the userland portion of the fglrx-driver utilised by Xorg allows privilege escalation via symlink attacks on POSIX shared memory with insecure permissions.

On systems with a Linux kernel where fs.protected_symlinks is not set to 1, or where this feature is not available, the following code (present in and calls shm_open() with insecure flags specified which allows the Linux kernel to follow an existent symlink under /dev/shm:

mov $0x1b6,%edx ; $edx (mode) = 0666
mov $0x42,%esi ; $esi (oflag) = O_CREAT | O_RDWR - missing O_EXCL
mov %r13,%rdi
callq 208b68 <shm_open@plt>

The same call to shm_open() requests that the permissions of newly created file are 0666 and as a result, an arbitrary file, owned by root, with permissions of 0666 can be created anywhere on the filesystem.

Furthermore, the code then proceeds to force the permissions on the resultant file to 0666 using fchmod(). This can be useful if the symlink target already exists:

mov $0x1b6,%esi ; $esi (mode) = 0666
mov %eax,%edi
callq 209058 <fchmod@plt>


An attacker could create security sensitive files (such as libraries or configuration files), which when processed by a privileged program will lead to privilege escalation in instances where the program runs with privileges that the attacker does not have. For example, if the program is SetUID root, by creating a malicious library within a trusted location, an attacker would obtain root privileges upon exploiting this vulnerability.


The proof of concept exploit is available.


The vendor has released a patch.

Vendor status:

07/07/2014 Initial contact e-mails sent to support@, info@, admin@ and security@ and They have an online form at but it crashes when trying to send submit
04/09/2014 Alternate security contact located
31/07/2015 Further details supplied. I have proposed that AMD check all use of shm_open()
07/10/2015 MITRE assigned CVE-2015-7723
19/10/2015 Published

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