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Network forensics and investigations

The growth in network connectivity, complexity and activity, has been accompanied by an increase in the number of crimes committed within networks.

Network Forensics and InvestigationsSecurity and network forensics is a critical requirement for many organisations to protect their information assets and investigate unwanted behaviour on their IT systems.

Our forensic investigation teams are made up of highly skilled engineers with a broad spectrum of skills, which also includes expert network penetration testers. Network investigations may include setting up network monitoring capabilities and the subsequent analysis of these traffic captures. Investigations may also include log event analysis from network devices, endpoint security devices and the correlation of these with traffic analysis to track and trace a possible or actual network compromise.

Why perform network forensics and investigation?

  • To identify network intrusions.
  • Respond to network breaches.
  • Detect data leakage and determine its scope.
  • Record and analyze raw network activity.
  • Implement a continuous network monitoring solution.
  • Identify and authenticate specific network user activities.
  • Create custom data mining solutions with document authentication.
  • Formulate and fulfill incident response plans to a breach or other network event.