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Congratulations to Haydon High School for winning our Raspberry Pi competition with their MediClock project.

Haydon High School MediClock

The brief was to create something that either improved the life of an individual or  benefited the community as a whole. Haydon High School created the MediClock,  an alarm warning system to remind users to take medication on time. The device  allowed a doctor to input dosage and set times for consumption of medication.  The MediClock also recorded notifications so doctors could track instances of  missed medication.

We felt that not only did this project have the ability to expand and develop into a  number of directions, but the skills and techniques used to create and develop the  idea were far beyond what we had expected of entrances. Haydon High School  will be provided with tickets to Bletchly Park as First Prize along with each team member receiving Raspberry Pi B+ starter Kits.

Parmiters High School Haydon High School

We would also like to thank Parmiters High School for entering their Pi Light project, this was a great entry that made the final decision very difficult. It was clear to see a lot of time and effort went into their Pi Light project, a light security system that allowed the user to manage lighting at home through the use of the Raspberry Pi and a smartphone.

Friday 9th January we held our Judging day here at our Watford office, we had a fantastic day talking to teams and answering questions on our work and their projects.

We look forward to completing similar projects with students in the future.

“2 year 10 Haydon Students won the @Portcullis Raspberry Pi competition for Secondary schools with their Medi-clock” @HaydonSchool

“Thanks to @Portcullis for a fantastic experience & the opportunity to enter their #Pi competition. The team thoroughly enjoyed the day…@Portcullis the lads thought you guys had the coolest jobs ever! #cybersecurity” @ParmitersICT

Pi in Box

“The Portcullis team has a genuine passion for technology and the industry in which we operate, and we’re  delighted to be able to use this opportunity to encourage secondary schools and students to explore the  opportunities that programming can present in advance of the new computer science syllabus launching in  September.”