Tried, Tested and Proven

In its 7th year, the Counter Terror Expo, is now one of the leading international events delivering buyers and specifiers from Government, Law Enforcement, Critical National Infrastructure, Military and many more. Counter Terror Expo holds a highly respected centerpiece conference among many must see exhibition floor conferences. This year Portcullis are delighted to not only hold one,but two talks during the days events.

Expected to attend are over 150 internationally recognised experts in the counter terrorism field allowing a fantastic opportunity for attendees to share experiences and gain knowledge.

From Portcullis, our Head of consultancy Simon Saunders will be addressing audiences with his talk entitled “Cyber Profiling :  Understanding who is attacking you” and Russ Spooner, Senior Security Consultant, will be holding his talk entitled “CBEST Vulnerability Testing : Improving and testing the UK’s financial services infrastructure resilience to cyber attack”.

Russ Spooner – “CBEST Vulnerability testing : improving and testing the UK’s financial services infrastructure resilience to cyber attack”

Russ will cover how CBEST testing is conducted , the risks we take into account and who participates. Results and conclusions on the best practice and future actions. What is still to be done to ensure greater resilience in financial infrastructure and what might other sectors learn from our experiences.

Simon Saunders – “Cyber Profiling : Understanding who is attacking you”

Simon’s talk will question the means, motives and opportunities behind cyber attacks, the importance of cyber profiling and, how it helps you to understand if you are dealing with hacktivists, cyber criminals, individual terrorists or state sponsors terrorists.

Both representatives from Portcullis will be speaking at 14:30 on 22nd April 2015.

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