Tried, Tested and Proven

The Portcullis consultancy team acts to meet the needs of an organisation which requires additional resources or an objective viewpoint. Our capabilities encompass the full information security spectrum, enabling us to understand and solves issues, and aid in the delivery of outstanding security projects for our clients.

Our specialities include:tacticalprojects

-          Policy creation

-          Internal audit

-          Process integration

-          Risk assessment

-          Remediation services

-          Independent review/ verification

-          Technical architecture review

As an example of what we offer in this vein, consider circumstances following a security test in which a client has been left with a number of issues to be addressed. Under these circumstances, Portcullis has the resources to quickly and efficiently construct a comprehensive and viable bespoke remediation plan. We will then deliver this to operational teams, ensuring that the objective within are practicable for said team, while overseeing the implementation of this bespoke solution. Beyond simply responding to the symptoms of the problem, we will aim to address the root cause of the issue, with a view to preventing any potential re-occurrence of the same issues in the future. This provides our clients with an efficient and effective solution to and unexpected problem.

At Portcullis, we understand that project cased consultancy doesn’t suit the needs of every organisation. This is why we offer our services on an open-ended basis; this means that, whether you need us for one day, five days, or a full consultancy project, our resources are available and tailored to our client’s requirements.

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