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On Friday 30th January 2015 the White Hat Ball celebrates its 10th anniversary.

For those not aware of its origins, the Ball began on the current chairman’s birthday in January 2005 when Marcus Alldrick, CISO at Lloyd’s of London, asked the assembled      company at his birthday dinner how the Information Security industry could do more for charity. SC Awards had recently dropped the charity raffle from their annual bun fight,    and thereafter Marcus set up a steering committee of likeminded colleagues, soon after which The White Hat Ball was born.

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cybersecurityA few weeks ago we heard the breaking news that the United States Central Command twitter account had been hacked by ISIS, the week ended with David Cameron and Barack Obama joining forces to put Cyber Security centre stage as a global issue.

The Twitter and YouTube channels of the US Military Central Command were suspended after they were taken over by hackers affiliated to ISIS. The group calling itself Cyber Caliphate hijacked the Centcom twitter account and sent out the message “AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK.” They then tweeted out what they claimed were U.S. military PowerPoints and personal data on retired Army personnel. All this happened at the same time as President Obama was making a speech about the importance of American businesses protecting their networks from cyber attack and data theft!

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