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Monthly Archives: May 2013

JohnTheRipper magnum-jumbo now has support for MySQL authentication hashes. These are different from the normal MySQL password hashes you’d find in the information_schema database, and they’re only used as part of the authentication protocol.

If you go into Wireshark and look at some MySQL traffic for versions >=4.1, you’ll see a “Server Greeting” packet which contains a random salt value. Wireshark nicely dissects this for you. Look for the “LoginRequest” packet, and find the password field – this is a hash based on the real password and the salt. Continue reading

Yet more happy winners of our prize draw at The Portcullis Arms 2013 with their iPad-minis. This is just one of the many reasons to attend this fabulous annual event. If you are a security professional within the IT Security space and would like to attend next year, simply apply by sending an email to, telling us your name, the company you work for and your role within that organisation. Continue reading

No Portcullis has not branched out into making miniature televisions, or planes! This is a picture of one of the lucky winners of our prize draw at this year’s Portcullis Arms. One of the many ways we celebrated the 10th year of our famous hospitality event was by giving away several iPad-minis, thereby making our happy clients, even happier. Continue reading

The 10th Portcullis Arms event was held at Earls Court on the 23rd to 25th of April. As you may recall, the weather for those three days of festivities was absolutely stunning.

We had a record breaking number of guests this year, and the event was headed by our ever popular host, Clive, and his lovely assistants. They were all on hand to attend the needs of all our guests and made sure everyone felt right at home.

The various entertainers we hired to work the crowd were superb. The circus man literally kept all those involved awed by his juggling fire torch skills, not to mention the magician who would give the great Dynamo a run for his money. The caricaturist and silhouette man where also on hand to whip up a Picasso style portrait of anyone in less then ten minutes. The venue was literally buzzing from noon till evening with great entertainment and live music over the three days. Continue reading